Dj's Doll Oblivion

Disclamer: Every doll belongs to Dj unless otherwise stated. The fan-based dolls belong to their respected owners. I do not use my dolls/art for commercial purposes.

I will try to have every off site link open in a new window. If you see one that doesn't open in a new window let me know. Thanks


Rules for Adopting Dolls

1. Do not edit my dolls!
2. Do not claim my work as your own!
3. Do not take the dolls that say non-adoptable! If I see this happening I will add a 'No right click' code on the pages.
4. Do not direct link dolls from my site to your own! Its called Bandwidth Theft! I will report you if I see it happening after a warning!
5. Do not use my dolls for any commercial purposes (e.g. on merchandise to be sold) without my written premission.
6. Most importantly! If you adopt a doll, please provide a link back to [ or ] on the same page that doll appears on your site.

Rules for Using Props & Bases

1. Link back to my site when using my bases and props, on EVERY page that they are used on.
[ or ]
2. Do not claim my props and bases as your own.
3. Follow the rules for the bases. The rules are posted on the bases. Please be sure you have read the rules before using or editing my bases!

Follow these rules and I shall have no problem with you.

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