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Thanks for dropping by! This website is still under construction! Please take a look at the rules before adopting dolls/pixels or using bases/props. Thank you!

Please feel free to look at my DeviantArt page. I'm hoping to get this site up and running ASAP so I can share my love for pixel art/dollz!
Site Updates
March Udates:
3/16/21 - Not as much of a break between updates this time! Woo! I think I'm getting better xD. There's a base race over at Pixel Lounge, so I am getting more inspiration.

3/5/21 - Ooof, so sorry if you are reading this! I have lost a lot of my inspiration for art, so this site isn't updated as much as I'd like. I do update my deviant art more with photography though.

October Udates:
10/3/20 - Okay, so not a lot ot update on, though I'm sick atm so I dunno what more will get done in the next week or so.

August Udates:
8/15/20 - So I have been a bit distracted with other interests lately, but I am still dolling! I am also working on a pixel art contest site. I made a new base and added a few dolls!

July Udates:
7/15/20 - I finally added my digital paintings! I hope you like them as much as I do.

7/13/20 - I finally finished the banner!! Gosh I love it... though I'm such a weeb.

I've added the Events page! If you know of any ongoing event please leave a message on the shoutbox!

I have still been dolling, just was working on the banner so much I didn't do a ton of what I normally do. I will try to finish the rest of the pages that are not up yet, possibly get a contest site up and going. We shall see on that part. Lots of pixels and little dolls to add.

June Udates:
6/13/20 - I've added more dolls!

6/6/20 - I've added more dolls!

May Udates:
5/26/20 - I've added a base and fixed a few bugs.

5/24/20 - I've added a base and some props, I've added a few new dolls/pixels as well as fixed a few bugs.

5/14/20 - I've added quite a few doll pages, bases and pixel art pages, still need to add a few finishing touches and finish the banner! New dolls and pixel art though!


April Updates:
4/20/20 - Got the graphics and layout set up, just gotta add pages and finish the banner!!!
4/02/20 - Still working on the layout/graphics and editing pages!

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