Dj's Doll Oblivion

Q & A

Q. What Graphic programs do you use?
A. GIMP & Unfreeze

Q. How long have you been dolling?
A. I started in October 2005, or near then.

Q. Why did you begin dolling?
A. Well I saw some FF dolls on the net, and thought "Hey I should do that too!".

Q. Why did you make a website for your dolls?
A. Because the amount of dolls I had made was getting rather big, and I needed some more space(I had a section on my gaming site for them).

Q. Why did you name the site Dj'sDoll Oblivion?
A. My other site name(at that time) was RPG Oblivion, so I kind of wanted to keep the 'Oblivion' in the name, and Dj is basically my nickname on the web, and I had to have Doll in the name. Thus Dj'sDoll Oblivion was born.

Q. Can I use your bases/props?
A. Yes, but you must link back to me on the same page as your doll(with my base/prop) appears.

Q. Can I use your dolls for a layout, signature or avatar?
A. Absolutely not. You should be original, use your own artwork, not mine.

Q. Can I adopt your dolls?
A. Yes, I will mark dolls that you can't adopt with a "DO NOT ADOPT" text. If you adopt any of my dolls you must link back to my site on every page that the doll appears on.

Q. Can I take parts of your dolls/bases and use it on my own?
A. NO! That's called Frankendolling, basically theft.

Q. How long has Dj'sDoll Oblivion been active?
A. The first version of DDO started in 2006, I've only recently opened it back up again.

Q. Do you accept link exchanges?
A. Yes, just send me an email asking.

If you have any other questions you would like answered feel free to leave a message on the shoutbox or email me!

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